In Too Deep - CD or Album Download (2016)

  • In Too Deep - CD or Album Download (2016)

In Too Deep - CD or Album Download (2016)

Jarez offers the perfect combination of cool, contemporary and classic in his music. The charismatic saxophonist has a way with writing songs that are filled with emotionally charged verve, and freshly infused swagger; adding a hipness to Smooth Jazz that is appealing to core fans and attracting a youthful new audience! The Vegas-based recording artist and music entrepreneur, merges his jazz influences from legends, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, with today’s sound on IN TOO DEEP. The album is drenched with Sweet, sexy sax, along with urbane and urban grooves, compelling melodies and sophisticated runs. A hip hop heart and a jazz soul makes for a unique, commanding signature sound. This latest project is sure to place Jarez in the thick of things musically speaking…In deep, indeed! With more chart-topping hits and live performances guaranteed!

Jan 26, 2016

1. Sounds Good To Me
2. In Too Deep
3. A New Day
4. All I Need
5. Can’t Get Enough
6. How I Feel
7. Nobody Cares
8. One Take
9. Taken Off

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